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Far East Russia Orca Project expedition 2007

In 2007 we worked in two different places: on Beringa Island (Commander Islands) and in our usual study site in Avacha Gulf (Southeast Kamchatka).
Work at Beringa Island was conducted with the help of Commander State Reserve.
Land observations
Land-based observations of cetaceans.

Preparing the equipment for underwater acoustic monitoring of killer whales.

Poludennaya bay
Poludennaya bay where our field camp was situated.

Integral - the male which we met both at Kamchatka and Commander Islands.

In July we started the work on Zeleny Cape in Avacha Gulf.

Zeleny cape team
The team of Zeleny Cape

Orcas playing in multigroup aggregation
Several tmes we saw multigroup aggregations where orcas socialize and probably mate.

Young walrus
In this season we encountered a young walrus in Avacha Gulf. Usuallu walruses don't come so far south.

Fox with his prey
Wild fox often visited us and catched his prey around our camp.

Sea otter



Working during the rain

Extreme loading



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